Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First day of school 2012-2013

Summer just flew by, thats for sure.  I swear the boys just got out of school and now they are another year older and another grade higher.

I have mixed emotions about them going back.  I'm happy because they get a normal everyday routine and they aren't bored all day at Grandma's.  Sad, because its another year older and can't believe it goes so quickly.  Also because this world is scary and crazy and I get a little choked up when I look at them standing with all those kids.  I want my kids to know they are my world.  I will fight everyday for them and leaving them at the school today was hard, harder than I thought. 

Jaxon is officially in third grade, why does that seem so old, yet its really not.  I have no clue about his teacher, but first impressions seemed great.  She sounds like she is there for the kids and that make me happy.

He is the tallest in his class and has a pretty big class this year.  I'm trying not to worry over that.  Jaxon has come a LONG ways.

Ashton is officially in first grade and yet I'm still shocked that he is even in school.  Ashton has always been a Mama's Boy and sending him into the real world really scares me.  He likes to make friends with EVERYONE, he has no FILTER and he is STUBBORN.  But yet, he loves school, every single thing about it.  Lately he has been upset because he is struggling a bit with reading.  I have also been a little upset, because as a Mother it makes you feel horrible.  So we are working on reading BIG TIME and I have no doubt that my Ashton will 100% succeed.

Ashton isn't the tallest in his class, but he is pretty close.  Ashton has a pretty small class and that makes me happy!!

Jaxon the last 4 years:

Kindergarten 09 - Mrs. Rigby

1st Grade 10 - Mrs. Wellard

2nd Grade 11 - Mrs Williams

3rd Grade 12 - Mrs. Baetge
Rock it Jaxon as I know you will!!

Ashton the last two years:

Kindergarten 11 - Mrs. Porter

1st Grade 12 - Mrs. Logan
Rock is Ashton as I know you will!
The boys both had a wonderful first day and both came home happy with their teachers, which makes a Mom happy.

Happy First day of school my boys!

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