Monday, September 10, 2012

Things I learned at the FAIR....

Why on earth would you display a expensive car and put a sign up telling people not to touch it?  There are numerous people going to this fair, I suggest putting it in a glass box.

In my next life I DO NOT want to be a dairy cow, those poor things....

Or a Beef Cow, not sure which is worse, but I was feeling bad for them both.

Baby piglets are the cutest little things, but they grow up to be.....

BIG UGLY things, that are so UGLY they're cute.

Taking a 3 year old on the BIG YELLOW SLIDE is quite comical when they scream bloody murder the whole way UP and the whole way DOWN.  POOR BOB, he was such a good sport.

And there is proof of the screaming three year old, she even cried while her brothers went again.

Jaxon thinks anything that has little in it, shouldn't involve him, because apparently he is NOT little.

And these two are good with anything that involves a prize or FOOD at the end of doing something simple.

I never read any signs that said you could be a DIVA and work on a farm, but they still let her through.

Riding a trike at the age of 6 is still a blast, hey live it up kiddo, because being a grown up is not all fun and games.

But if you're going to ride a tractor, it has to be PINK and you DON'T sit on the seat, so Lex thinks.

Just kidding, we found the seat...

And that is how you become a member of the FFA....who knew it was that easy...LOL

Little Brother talked BIG brother into the dragon roller coaster....

He went, but I thought he'd have wet pants when he got off.

Little brother giggled the entire time.

And Jax got off and said "That wasn't that bad!!"

So Ashton couldn't talk his Brother into the SUPER SHOT, so who went in Jax place...YES, thats me you see up there.  I couldn't tell my boy that I was more afraid then he was...

And then we got to the top and Ash said "Mom, this is REALLY high!!"
And this picture did it for me, I couldn't and still can't stop laughing hysterically.

Oh my poor boy, if his lip poked out any further, we'd be in trouble.

Ashton was able to talk Jax into the ferris wheel, how I don't know, because I have a fond memory of Jax riding the one at Lagoon and peeing on his Dad when he was 3.  Oh the MEMORIES!!

Thunder Bolt made Ashton sick to his TUMMY!

Jax thought it was a pretty cool ride.

Ash slept the whole time, poor boy can't handle the spinning rides, they make his tummy hurt.


French Fries

And watching the starship spin around and around and around are apparently the best things at the FAIR.

And GREEN muscle cars, oh the days of being a kid and thinking the smallest things were the coolest ever.

These memories will last a lifetime and I love that I share them with 4 of the most important people in my life.  Until next year...

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