Sunday, September 16, 2012

Our weekend

We had a low key mild weekend, after last weekend,  I NEEDED IT!!!

I've been busy taking pictures every weekend, making some money on the side, I enjoy it a ton.

Yesterday I spent the day doing crafts and the kids played outside all day.  After dinner we decided to go for a walk around Jensen Park, Bob's oldest daughter needed to find some bugs for a science project and there are PLENTY of bugs out there.

So we loaded up the kids and some mason jars and hit the road.

This little girl isn't afraid of anything, but a big yellow slide, bugs though and frogs and fish, YEAH RIGHT!!

I found the one and only bug that Bob's daughter took home, it was a black beetle and it was huge.  I didn't take a picture of it.

The boys and Avery were trying to catch a frog, but they are out in the pond and hard to find.  They were determined to catch tadpoles, I kept trying to tell them, there would be no tadpoles.  Well they caught, what they thought were tadpoles and ended up being fish, makes me laugh still.

This above is the face Ash gave me, when I told him he couldn't keep the fish, he was devastated, but guess what we came home with?????  6 tiny fish and they are still in the mason jar in the back yard.  YES, I am a MOTHER OF BOYS!!!

Then, today we went for a hike up at Snowbasin, I love it up there, its beautiful, its refreshing, the views are gorgeous and my kids are in pure heaven.

Everything is changing colors and its breathtaking, I love this time of year.
Absolutely love this pictures, she is 100% a Daddy's girl and she has him wrapped around every single finger.

Bob has to do an assignment for class, so I was helping him with some pictures, he has to make a comic strip, should be interesting!

Beautiful yellow flowers, so pretty

Lex and her Grandma (my Mom)

Lex had fun going over this hill, the boys ran around this thing twice with my parents dog.

Oh what a fun, relaxing weekend, I love my weekends.

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