Monday, August 15, 2011

West Yellowstone/Yellowstone Day 3

We got up, ate breakfast and got ready to head to YELLOWSTONE.

Entering one of my favorite places. I have so many memories of this place. I have seen all of Yellowstone, thanks to my parents. I love it there, I love the view, the wildlife and everything. Everytime I enter those booth, it takes me back to being a kid. I remember We use to write down all the license plates from other states, we use to see who could see the most animals. It fun to think about the memories of growing up.

We didn't see any animals coming into the park where it splits to go to Mammoth or Old Faithful, I was shocked, we almost always see a Buffalo coming in. But we didn't.

We stopped at the first rest area and visitors center and walked around.

We then took the scenic drive to fire hole river and it was shut down due to the water being so high. We always have stopped there and swam, so it was kind of weird to see it shut down. But safety comes first.

And shortly after turning onto the road, we seen this, a Mama Elk and her baby. Seriously, it was neat.

And we seen this there also, she was just laying in the grass eating.

We then arrived at Old Faithful and talk about NIGHTMARE, this place was a zoo, I have never in my life of going to Yellowstone seen so many people at Old Faithful. It took us 30 mins to park and it was insane. We got ice cream and waited for Old Faithful to go off. Bob, my Dad, Jaxon, Phil, Jase, Miranda and Justin had went on a hike to Old Faithful and arrived about 10 mins after we got to the lodge. This was a two mile hike and they almost beat us there.

We watched Old Faithful errupt and headed out of there.

We stopped at one of the hot pots, I can't remember the name, but we walked around the loop, it was windy and the steam off the pots was hot.

We watched this Osprey dive into the water and get a fish, it was pretty neat.

We left this little girl back with Grandpa to hang out. And after headed back to West Yellowstone to go to our favorite pizza place. Wild West Pizzeria, seriously best pizza ever.

The kids wanted to spend the $20.00 I gave them, because it was burning a MASSIVE hole in their pockets.

Boys, I swear they're from another planet.

Ashton finished off his Aunt Miranda's pickles and we relaxed for the evening.

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