Sunday, August 28, 2011

Life with a 2 year old...

I have a very busy two year old and I mean VERY busy. She is protesting naps, passing out anywhere her little heart desires.

This is where she passed out today. This was after a fight to try to get her to her own bed and I finally gave up, looked over 2 mins later and she was GONE.

This is her face today. I actually thought it would look worse. She looks like she was in a fight. Her nose hasn't really stopped bleeding, but its not a constant flow, just if she crys, it bleeds.

Its also a constant battle to get this girl to eat. She is picky and I mean picky. I ordered her a grill cheese at Applebee's and she wouldn't even touch it, thats how picky she is. Normally all she eats is cheese, but she doesn't like bread with cheese, she is weird, I'm telling you. I hope this pickiness ends soon, its killing me. I hate trying to figure out what she is going to eat. The only good thing is that she normally eats her meat, she is definately a meat eater.

Life with a two year old GIRL is a struggle, this girl is sassy and try to work her way into the danger zone ALWAYS. She thinks she is the boss and we are working on not laughing and letting her get away with things, because she is acting bad more.

P.S. Still NO word on my camera, I bummed, I cried almost everyday this week. Its hard to realize that it really truly is gone. Good thing I have my other camera, but it just DOESN'T do the job and anyone who has a DSLR knows what I am talking about.


Sunset Stanley said...

Lexi is so adorable! She reminds me so much of Bella. We need to get together and let them play.

Sorry your camera still hasn't been found. I would be devastated too :(

Eric and Jenny said...

I am so sorry about the camera, I think I would just die if my camera was gone. That thing is my fourth child!

Little Lexi she sure is a cutie, even if she is a little sassy!