Friday, August 5, 2011


Every Thursday Lex and I have girl time for about 30-45 mins, we redo our nails and toe nails, normally I just do my toes, but lately I have done my nails also.

I threw all my old nail polish away and we are getting new colors. We also got pink crackle, I love it. At first I hated it, it didn't look right, but now I LOVE IT!!!

I did purple with pink crackle, don't mind my broken toe, its only been jammed and ran over 4 million times and is NEVER going to heal.

Lex nails are green and purple, she has to have two colors, its quite hilarious.

And purple toes...

I love this time, its just us, the boys are usually out in the dirt or something. We shower and do nails. And she knows when its that day.

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Sunset Stanley said...

So fun! I love the crackle too! I have white and I love it because it can go over any color and still look good. I just barely bought black crackle and glow in the dark nail polish for Halloween. Yay!