Monday, August 1, 2011

Our Weekend...

I was brave and took all 3 of my kids to the drive-in. Will I do it again? Sure, but WITHOUT Lexi and here is why.

1. She said she was was hungry and thirsty every other minute.

2. She yelled when she farted (Yes, she is a girl, but doesn't always act like it).

3. She has ZERO and I mean ZERO interest in the movie, she kept saying "I wanna watch Dora!"

4. She never ever fell asleep, I told my friend Lindsey that she would be asleep before the movie started at 9:30, I was wrong, she stayed awake even after we were home at MIDNIGHT.

She was rotten, oh so rotten, she didn't want sit with anyone, she wanted to sit on top of the boys who were into the movie and wanted to eat EVERYTHING.

We saw The Smurfs, I loved it and I will buy it. It was two thumbs up, so cute and very well put together.

Yesterday we attended my Best Friends Sons birthday at Cowabunga Bay. It was AWESOME!!! It beats Cherry Hill, Roy Aquatic and all other water parks around here. I loved it and it was TOTALLY worth the drive.

My boys BOTH conquered their fears of water slides. I told them, if you try it and don't like it, you don't have to go again....well, they LOVED it. These waterslides are perfect, you don't land in a pool of water. Lex went a dozen times with Bob and I. My boys did every single water slide and I have to say I am pretty proud. Jax realized that trying something isn't bad.

They have a big giant bucket that fills with water, its apparently the largest in the US. Its quite big and it fills up every 10-15 mins and dumps, Bob and Phil decided to stand under it and got drenched. It was fun to watch.

This was the first slide Ashton tried, I was laughing, he said "Mom, thats too little!"

I'm afraid I am in TROUBLE. She is quite the DIVA and is already working on getting the boys. She wanted a kiss, well Kasen didn't want to give one. LEXI, you are TWO, not 16. Daddy says you can't date until your 21.

This boy, he melts my heart. He had one minor accident. He was told to lay down on the slide and right at the end where it gets steep he sat up and tumbled and hit his head. I was proud of him though, he went right back to the water slide and did it right. He had me worried, but he was good.

Ever since Jaxon's near drowning experience he has been pretty scared of the water. I told him the only way to learn to swim is to practice. He is getting better. I don't want him to be afraid of the water, we live in the water in the summer.

And after 4 hrs of play, it was time to leave. This weekend was busy busy, but so much fun. I love making memories with my kids and I hope they look back one day and that they're thankful for all that we do. Next week, we head to Island Park and I care barely stand the way, I am so excited for 5 days AWAY!!!

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Eric and Jenny said...

Of course you know to send me an invite right?

You are going to Island Park next week. My whole family is there right now, I am so sad to be missing it. Teri and Ashley and all of my cousins. Love Island Park, have a wonderful time. Oh and your weekend looks fabulous!