Monday, August 22, 2011

A day of many firsts...

This boy has joined the school fun. I can't believe it. Ashton's Kindergarten teacher is Mrs. Porter, I'm excited for him, she sounds way awesome. Bob and I were talking about how he was just a baby and now he is this 5 year old boy with an imagination that runs wild. This boy is so fun, he has the funniest personality and he keeps me rolling. I definately shedded some tears. It scares me to send my kids out into the world, its a cruel world and I want to protect my kids always. Happy first day of school Ashton, as I told you last night, today was the first day of the rest of your life. This is when life truly my opinion.

And this cute boy, he started second grade, but what I can't figure out is why he seems so grown up, I looked at him sitting in his desk and I couldn't help but cry again. He went from this happy go lucky baby and toddler to this grown up kid. He was really excited for second grade, but really misses his teacher from last year, she was pretty amazing. He has Mrs. Williams and she sounds amazing.

So proud of my boys and who they are today. I am excited for this school year, I think its going to be great. We have 3 year until Lexi starts, so I think were good for a bit.

And then, Lexi had a first today....

This little girl had her first dentist appt, surprisely she did amazing. I thought I had traumatized her forever with all the doctor visits she has had in her life. But she shocked me and she has NO CAVATIES. My boys, well thats a whole other story.

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Eric and Jenny said...

Oh Sierra they look so cute on their first day of school, my they are getting big! I was thinking that too looking at their pictures.

So glad Lexi's appointment went good! No cavities that's great. We had a dentist appointment today too for Lance getting two of his three cavities filled. I envy a cavity free appointments seems poor Lance never gets those!