Monday, August 15, 2011

Island Park Day 4 and coming home...

We really didn't have anything planned this day, nobody was sure what they wanted to do, so we played it by ear and decided to raft the river this time.

Lexi in her own world, she is a busy busy busy girl. Into everything, I have to watch her closely.

We went to Mack's Inn, rented a raft and we brought our tubes. The plan was that my Mom, Bob, Lindsey and all the kids would ride the raft and my Dad and I would tube down, while Phil was in his pontoon boat, but we switched off the whole way down.

While rafting down we ran into this (these pictures are from Phil's phone. A Mommy Moose and her baby, not very old according to Phil. It was heaven, a little scary, but the coolest thing ever.

We went back, showered up and relaxed for the evening.

We had s'mores and Lex fell asleep in my Mom's arms for the second night in a row.

We hit the bed early, we were all exhausted.

And today we woke up early, Bob, Lexi and I left at 7:30am and got home a little after noon.

Lex fell asleep 20 mins before we hit our drive way. I was hoping it would've been sooner, but nope.

I can't wait until next year, hopefully a lot less drama and somewhere new, like LAKE POWELL (thats the plan right now).


Sunset Stanley said...

Looks fun! I'm glad you had a good time!

Eric and Jenny said...

It looks like a great trip, though I am sorry you had some drama. Hope it wasn't anything to serious!

Lexi not good on the car ride huh, her K would get along splendidly. These girls sure are glad we have them but my they come with attitude don't they?

Hope you are adjusting to real life again, it's always the worst!

Thiago & Teri said...

Glad you are back safe and sound and that you had a good trip (for the most part, sorry about whatever drama you had). I loved seeing all of your pictures, it is like being there again. Even the boy's souveniers....we totally saw those. Funny.

And yeah, old faithful. We drove around for a half hour too trying to find a park, and when we finally did we had just missed the eruption. Nice. I was irritated to say the least, not to mention it was raining the day we were there so that made things even funner. ha!