Monday, August 15, 2011

Island Park Day 1 and 2

Yes, its back to reality. I hate coming home from vacation, I dread the laundry, unpacking, re-organizing and getting back into the everyday life routine. We had a lot of fun, a few bad things happened, but we won't discuss those here, this is happy time and I really had FUN.

We left bright and shiny at 5am on Thursday morning, met up with my family and my best friend Lindsey's family at 5:30am at the rest stop before Brigham.

This girl was rotten the ENTIRE car ride. And I mean ROTTEN, she didn't stop talking, she didn't want to be in her sit and she wanted out of the car and everything.

Our first real vacation stop was Mesa Falls, my friend Lindsey has never been there. It was beautiful as always. I never get sick of looking at the falls.

Lexi was thrilled to see the waterfall, but not only that to get out of the car also.

These two, would live outside all year if they could.

After Mesa Falls, we quickly got to Island Park, we stayed at Buffalo Campground. We have stayed there before and I like it, the only thing I showers, but thats what a trailer is for.

There was tons of this...

And tons of this, only Lex did have a swim suit on.

She determined to get in, clothes or I stripped her down and helped her in. She was a happy camper.

She has her Grandpa wrapped around her fingers. Grandpa carried her back because everyone wanted to get in their swim suits to float the river.

My Mom and I dropped them off at the river and headed down to the bridge and waited, but they never came. I thought I seen them get out by our campsite and sure enough, they did.

When we found them, Bob looked like this and had no clue. Apparently they got into a seaweed fight and Bob lost.

Next, I went down, I have no pictures sadly. My next investment will be a water camera, I think I could put one to good use.

Lexi was in HEAVEN. She loved camping and was good while we camped, she hates car rides though. I am wondering if its her age, but my boys never acted like this.

The view from my chair that evening, it was beautiful.

Bob, Lexi and I went for a walk before it got dark and it was her bedtime.

We saw pretty flowers, at least I hope their flowers, they are EVERYWHERE in Island Park.

We sat around the fire that night until who knows what time talking about old times and planning our next trip.

I love the smell of camp fire.

This post in Day 1 and 2, its mixed up. We canoed the river day 2 and I have no pics from that. It was a lot of fun though.

Day 3 up next...

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