Saturday, March 26, 2011

Our Saturday

This weekend has been crazy and yes, its only 5:30pm on Saturday, but I refuse to do anything else for the rest of the day besides watch a movie and relax.

Yesterday was go, go, go. We met up with friends and went to dinner at El Matador. Then got shakes and played a really FUN game called...THINGS!! We have never laughed so hard.

Then I was up all night with Lex, she was running a temp of 102.4, crazy huh! She has had no runny nose, cough and anything suspicious, so I was completely shocked. She cried and cried and cried. She was holding her tummy saying "Owie, owie, owie!" and finally fell back asleep at 2:30 this morning. LONG NIGHT!!! I felt so bad for her. I am pretty sure its tied to the fact that she hasn't pooped in 4 days until about 5 mins ago after filling her up on apple juice since early this morning. She is a bit relieved, but I am worried that her hernia is causing some problems. So it looks like I won't be able to put her surgery off until Fall and we will be doing it soon. I am sad about this. I was hoping we wouldn't have any major events for awhile this year. Well my plans always go wrong, which is why I am going to stop making plans. Right?

Anyway, so after my long night I still woke up at 7am and before Lex. My body will NOT sleep past 7am, I hate it. But I lounged around in bed until 8am when Lex finally woke up. We then met Misty for lunch at Chili's, it was so nice to FINALLY catch up, our lives are so crazy. And have I mentioned how EXCITED I am for her, she is Pregnant!!! Doctors told her she WOULD NEVER get pregnant and well she proved them wrong. I am so happy for her though.

Then it was shop, shop, shop. Have I also ever mentioned how much I HATE Walmart and especially on a Saturday. I told the boys we were going to the Zoo, the "People Zoo". Is that bad of me? But seriously, I feel like I am at the Zoo when I go there. There is so many people. Everyone has plans for Walmart and I normally stay clear and hit Target. I am a TARGET girl and always will be.

Now we are home. Boys are playing cars and Lex is celebrating her poop of the week...Sorry!!!

And Bob has made the most delicious pizza that I am going to enjoy now. Yes, all from scratch and it was smoked on the grill. AMAZING!!!


Eric and Jenny said...

Your pizza looks delecious, what a nice husband to make it for you!

Has Lexi had her hernia since birth? Katelynn was born with an umbilical? hernia as well. Her doctor keeps telling me it may just go away on it's own, but I am skeptical of that.

Hope she is feeling better and I think the people zoo is a very appropriate name for Walmart especially on a Saturday. And I have the joy of going there right now, sounds fun huh?

Thiago & Teri said...

What a weekend, mine was crazy too and I am super glad it is over.

I feel for you on the whole pooping thing....we finally gave Drake a suppository (sp?) yesterday so that he would go, he was going on like 9 days. Why do babies do that, it was seriously a blow out.

How fun for Misty (Stratford, right?), and how great that you guys stay in touch. Hope you have a great week friend!!

The Felds said...

Ok! It's taken me some time! But I'm here! What a Saturday - sorry about Lexie's long night, that's never any fun - and as of two nights ago I can TOTALLY relate! That's awesome you and Misty went to lunch, I just love her and I am also so very excited! I didn't know the docs said she couldn't have children... docs TAKE THAT!!! Oh yeah, and the people zoo... that's AWESOME!!!