Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I can't live without it...

Some of the things I currently love:

1. Wylers cool Raspberry singles. These things are perfect. The keep me from drinking pop and make me drink more water.

2. Popcorn Seasoning, but Kettle corn flavor. Yummy! I had bought Bob a popcorn maker and well this seasoning is Heaven on Earth.

3. Weight Watchers Ice Cream Candy Bars. I actually got these for like a dollar a box. Super good price and way yummy and less calories.

4. Suave Smoothers 2 in 1 shampoo. I love these, they make my kids smell good and they are a 2 in 1, plus I can get a different flavor for each kid.

5. Clorox Disinfecting bathroom cleaner. Okay Mom's of boys, do you scrub your bathroom a hundred times a day? Yeah, I do! I go through one of these a week. It drives me crazy that my boys won't sit, but yet they won't aim right.

6. Johnsons NO MORE TANGLES. Again, Heaven on earth. My Daughter hates her hair brushed, but it makes my life easier if I spray this instead of arguing with her about her hair sticking up.

7. Johnsons Bedtime Lotion. Okay, I will admit it, I have used this stuff since I had Lexi, not only on Lexi, but for me too. Its amazing, I love the smell of it and it makes skin soft.

8. Playtex sippy cups. Mom's of toddlers, these are the best cups ever. I will not buy any other cup. They don't leak, they keep stuff cold and kids like them. Lexi has 6 of these, they can be found at Target and Walmart for $6.99 and every once in a while will be on sale for $5.00. Seriously, you won't regret spending the money.

9. Big Star Jeans. Their normally about $140.00 for one pair, well I don't spend that much on jeans....sorry! I got these for $40.00, if you bought a Entertainment book, there is a 20% off coupon for Downeast and they have jeans there. Love them, so comfortable and fit perfect.

10. Wisk HE. I admit I am a Purex, but ever since trying Wisk, I am in love. It smells yummy and Ashton doesn't break out from it. We can't use Tide or anything else. Only Wisk and Purex.

11. Dixie cups for hot drinks. Seriously the best invention ever. I love making hot chocolate or using my kuerig and being on the go after its done while still drinking a warm drink.

12. Ulta Make up case. I got this for Christmas, it is so fun to have all these different colors to wear and the make up is actually good make up. Love love love this!!

13. Dannon Activia Desserts. I didn't care for Activia the first time I tried it, but these are amazing. I love them. I take them for breakfast along with toast. So yummy!

And there you have it, some of my "I can't live without it" stuff. What are yours?


Thiago & Teri said...

What a fun post...I love seeing people's favorite things. I agree with alot of them, and you gave me some new ideas.

Such as the popcorn seasoning, I have never seen that but I need to try it. Sounds delicious.

The Felds said...

This is fun! It's neat to see the things you can't live without - I would do this, but I'm in the middle of a blog challenge that I feel like is never ending!! I can't wait to get back to regular blogging!