Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy 38th Birthday Bob

Today my Husband is 38, its crazy, when I met him he was 29, I was 19 and it didn't feel like he was 10 and half years older.

Bob and I don't always agree on things when it comes to movies or music. He likes alternative and classic rock, I love Country. He loves all the older movies and anything science fiction, I love a good comedy or a chick flick.

He also thinks that having a cell phone is lame, I couldn't live without mine.

He thinks that the latest trends are stupid and I don't care honestly.

He is fine with one pair of shoes and I don't think 50 is enough.

He hates buying clothes and I love it.

He loves to cook and well....I can't cook!

He likes the yard mowed a certain way and I try, but NEVER get it right.

He drives like he is 60 and it annoys me, but he keeps us safe.

He is a computer geek at heart and I ask him about everything to do with them.

He has a sensitive side, but rarely shows it.

He was adopted when he was three, but knows both his birth and adoptive parents.

He hates crowds and thats one thing we both agree on.

He is a steak and potatoes kind of guy and I would rather eat cereal.

He has a hard time matching is clothes (I am wondering if this is a guy thing) and it annoys me.

He prefers to watch movies on the computer rather than the TV.

He has a heart of gold, there isn't a thing he wouldn't do for his family, he has fought for a lot. He protects us, loves us and makes sure we're taken care of.

Happy Birthday Babe and MANY more to come...


Sunset Stanley said...

Happy Birthday Bob! And what a cute list, I love your differences!

Eric and Jenny said...

I didn't realize he was that much older than you! Happy Birthday to your husband. What a fun post this was!