Thursday, August 2, 2012

Jaxon Coming home

Tuesday was a long day, I worked all day and then still had time before Jax flight came in.  He was suppose to arrive at 8:25PM, but we received a call from Southwest that they had a mechanical problem and they were 20-25 mins behind. 

I had asked Miranda to go with me, since the kids couldn't go back and Bob is in school everyday now.

I can't explain the emotions I had, I was so excited to see my boy after FIVE long weeks. 

We arrived at the airport around 7:15, I had to get a pass to go back and then go through security, I waited a little bit, I was following his flight on flighttracker and could see how far away they were.  They wanted me at the gate 45 mins before the flight landed.  We stood around a table while I waited for it to be time for to head back.  Lex was quite embarassing, she doesn't have a filter and she is VERY LOUD!  So she says "Mom, I have to poop REALLY bad!"  I was so embarassed and everyone started laughing.  She is three, what can I say.  My Sister was kind enough and took her to the bathroom where she has to ask millions of questions while going #2. 

I then headed through security, which was a breeze.  I got back to the gate where a kind lady asked if I was heading on the flight, I said "No, I'm here to pick my Son up!"  She asked if he was coming back from seeing his Dad, I said "No, he was visiting his great grandparents!"  We had a good conversation and time went by quick.  My Sister had made posters for Jax with the kids during the day and so she wanted to know when he landed.  Everything happened so quickly, I was so anxious to see my boy and hug him. 

And there he was, my boy who looks a little bit taller, seems a lot more mature and yet he seemed so far away.  I immediately gave him a hug and the tears just came.  It was the best moment ever. 

We walked back out of security where he told me things about his trip.  He also told me about his flight and how some little kids parents didn't show up to pick up their child. 

I wasn't sure what was going to happen once Ash and Lex seen Jax, but I was sure they would be excited.  I didn't see them until we turned the corner and the next thing I know Lex goes running "Jax, my brother, JAX, my brother, JAX, JAX, JAX!!"  She had the biggest smile on her face.  Miranda recorded it all, its on FB.  Ash then went running and jumped onto him.  And I looked up and tears were rolling down peoples faces and I was bawling.  How could it be that five weeks can make you miss someone so much.  I can't describe how my heart felt.  It was like ONE BIG REUNION and I was so proud to be the Mom of three kids who were reuniting for the first time in weeks.

These pictures make me smile.  The ride home was interesting, there was so much talking and catching up and questions.

We walked over to get his bag while they were all giddy and talking about things they got when Ashton says "Jaxon, I got a new gun!"  Well Ashton isn't quiet and I think about 50 people turned and look, I said "Its just a play gun at home!"  Seriously people!!
After we dropped Miranda off, Jax said "Mom, thanks for letting me, I will never forget this!"   And the tears started again.  My Grandpa and Bonnie are amazing people, they give, give, give and never ask for anything back.  They are smart, courageous and the best grandparents a girl could ever ask for.

When we got home Jax started showing me all the stuff he got, including items that will mean a lot o him later in life.  My Grandpa gave him a bible that he has been reading and it makes me happy to know that he is learning about the most important thing in life...FAITH.

He has grown up so much, I couldn't stop staring at him once we got home and hugging him.  And I will never be able to thank my Grandparents enough for giving my boy this opportunity and loving him and showing him things he probably never would've seen.  We are still talking a ton about his trip and pictures from it will come soon.

I'm just happy he is home!!!

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