Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My boy,

Jaxon, I can't describe the last 5 weeks in words, because at the time I made the decision to let you go to Texas alone to visit your Great Grandparents, I was thinking about how much fun you would have, the memories you would make with two special people in my life who have been there for me every single step of the way in my life.  I was thinking about the laughter and joy it would bring for you to be able to spend days doing stuff that you loved with two people who cared so much about you.  Little did I know that my heart would ache for you, that I would miss you so bad that it would bring me to tears and that I would try to picture in my head what you were doing as I laid there at night trying to fall asleep. 

I hope you never forget the memories of the five weeks in Texas, I hope you cherish these times forever and that when your older you'll tell your children and grandchildren about the lovely Great Grandparents that you had and how they took time out of their lives to spend days with you loving you and making memories.  You are a lucky boy and I'm sure the knowledge of life is more meaningful to you as I heard your Great Grandpa tell me how much he is going to miss you.  How having you gone won't be the same and how much he has had with you. 

I hope you know you mean the world to more people than you think and that I can't describe how excited I am for you to come home.  Its bittersweet, as I know two hearts are aching, but the memories will last forever.

Love you my sweet boy!!

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