Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekly update

YUP, thats what I'll call it.  Nothing else sounds good right now.

Last week my kids went to Bear Lake for the week, at first I was wanting the break badly.  Then the first night I sat downstairs and cried (it didn't help that it was that time of the month), I missed them, I missed the chaos, I missed the laughs, even the fights, the hugs, the kisses, the company, I JUST PLAIN MISSED THEM.  Next year I will be going with them, no IFS ANDS OR BUTS. 

So what did I do?

NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING.

I went to Gordmans ALONE.

I went to Target....ALONE.

I catched up on DVRed stuff.....ALONE.

I stayed up late, bad idea.

I drove STRAIGHT home from work, that hasn't happened in, well FOREVER.

And I repeated a couple of those steps daily.

The truth is I missed them.  I love my daily routine, I hate breaking it.

BUT, I still had these TWO to keep me entertained.

And entertained they did.  Nova is at the funny stage, figuring out things, getting into things (Okay maybe that isn't always fun) and just plain being a puppy.

He cries when he wants to be held, he begs for a treat and they both are so loveable and love to snuggle.

I did get my hair done and went with bangs, I'm still not too sure about it.  I'm better than I was day 1, but its taking some getting use too.

Last Sunday I was asked to shoot engagements, bridals and a wedding, what an honor.  Its for my Best Friend Misty's sister. 

And here are some of the results.

We had a blast shooting these and I can't wait for Bridals and the wedding in the next couple of weeks.  There is nothing that makes me more happy then taking pictures and editing them.

Another BIG change:

Bob and I are tired of being tired, tired of the health problems and so we've had a friend that tried and succeeded with reading "Eat to Live".  Its a VERY interesting book.  Bob and I are going to eventually become vegan with the way we eat, we are cutting out all meat right now and over time will cut out all dairy.  Its going to be a BIG change, but the results have been amazing.  I'm tired of stupid expensive diets, I'm tired of diets where you starve yourself, I'm ready to feel normal again and to be HEALTHY.  I will be starting a blog where I will write about this, so that its not all on my personal blog.  I'm excited for a new start.  Its been 4 days no meat and I DON'T MISS IT AT ALL!!

And this movie, show or whatever its called changed my life and I learned quite a bit.

Time to make a change and thats starts now.  ITS NOT A DIET, its a LIFESTYLE CHANGE!!

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Thiago & Teri said...

I know just what you think you will enjoy the time alone but you don't. You miss your babes. Can you imagine, when they are grown and gone for good. I sure can't. I am dreading that.

WOW!! Engagements are amazing. Good job. YOu have such a talent friend. So funny cause Misty used to be in my ward like forever ago and I had totally forgotten she had a little sister. My goodness we are getting old. Haha.