Sunday, August 5, 2012

Jaxon Texas Trip

Jaxon left on June 27th and took a 4 hr and 45 min plane ride to Texas, stopping first in Denver and then in Amarillo.

He had the time of his life doing numerous things.

Jaxon has a new obsession that is beyond out of control.  He is in love with the P-51 Mustang (I may have that wrong) and built one with his Great Grandpa.  My Grandpa knows many things about airplanes, he is a pilot and flew them for years.

He helped his Great Grandpa strip their room to re-do it.  He had fun vaccuming up everything.

My Grandpa dogs, Beau and Jake, they are his life, just like his Children, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren.  Jaxon loves dogs also, he got that from my Grandpa, not that I don't love dogs, but Jaxon is a real lover of dogs.  My Grandpa believes that dogs keep you young, I'm starting to believe it also.

Jaxon talked them into the pool, they thought you had to buy a membership, but they were FREE and just had to pay for Jax.  He loved it there.

My Grandpa got hurt and pulled his back out, well Jax learned to mow and mowed the lawn for him while he was down.  What a good kid his is.  NOTE:  Please excuse the outfit, his Mom wasn't there to dress him.

When we went to Texas back in 2007 we went to this wildlife park, Jax was only 3 though, so he didn't remember much.  They took Jaxon back there and he loved it, but he wouldn't feed the animals out of his hand.

I think the airplane museum was the highlight of Jaxon's trip.  He loved and its all he talks about.

We went to Turner Falls while we were there in March, it was my favorite of our trip, only we didn't take the stuff needed to swim or anything, so they went back up and Jax got to go swimming.  He loved this also.  Anything to do with water and Jax is good.

The day before Jax left my Grandpa got a bunch of wood from a 60 FT tree that was cut down.  Jax helped his Great Grandpa haul it to the back and stack it up.  This last picture his what the Texas humidity did to him.  Poor guy, he works so hard.

I'm so glad he is home, but I know he misses his Great Grandparents bad.  I wish they lived closer, we would see them all the time.

Thanks Grandpa and Bonnie for the memories, they'll never go away.

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