Friday, October 21, 2011

Black Island Farms Year 4

After a stressful week of work and a very sick Husband I was ready for some FUN. We made plan several weeks ago to go to Black Island Farms over UEA.

I've given up on getting good pictures of this 2 year old. She is always looking somewhere else. I think this is the only picture of her looking.

I love it here, I'm not sure if its because there are so many pictures to take or if its truly that my kids laugh and giggle and smile the ENTIRE time we're there. We'll go with both.

My Daughter was obsessed with the pig, she laughed and laughed and laughed. She kept saying "Its a pink piggy Mommy!!"

Ashton was quite impressed with the water troft (I think that how you spell it?)

Jaxon eye-balled the slide from the moment we walked in...

And then I said, "GO!!!"

And they made a mad dash for the slides.

The slides are always a big hit.

And the looks on their faces are PRICELESS.

Well minus this girl whose Dad sent her down the big steep slide by herself...Oh wait!! That was my Husband and my Daughter, poor thing. But she did say "I want to go again!!!"

I am pretty sure we paid the $50.00 just for the slides, but it was totally worth it to me.

And this little girl, I'm sure next year we will have to fight her to leave the slides.

And then we continued our quest to the tractor ride.

This picture melts my heart. Jaxon always protects his little sister.

Lexi loved this ride, she would go over and over and over again if I would've let her.

And we did get lost in the corn maze, but don't worry we didn't have to call 911.

I truly love taking pictures at this farm.

And we got the perfect pumpkins. I was proud of Jax, his was the best pumpkin. I love the whole adventure at Black Island Farms. Its a tradition that will never end for us.

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Steve and Yvonne said...

This seems to be a tradition among a lot of my friends! Looks like such a blast, when we start our family I will have to keep it in mind, it looks like something I would enjoy doing and a great family activity!