Sunday, October 2, 2011

My kiddos

Do you ever just sit and stare at your kids? I find myself doing it all the time. I wonder how I got so lucky. I've been blessed with 3 kids who at times get on my last nerve, but I would do anything on earth for them. They are my world. I sometimes wish they understood how much they mean to me, but the truth is they don't and won't get it until they someday become a parent.

I love that my boys are boys. They love the dirt, bugs and getting into things. I love that they know how to have fun. They find that life is adventure. They aren't afraid to try something once. They have been through alot in their short 5 and 7 years, but they learned what life is about. They ask questions. They love each other. They are best friends. They watch out for each other. They love me. They come to me for advice.

And this little girl, she is lucky!! She has two big brothers who love her even though she drives them CRAZY. She is a true DIVA. She is spunky, full of life and has enough energy to fill a stadium. She is adventerous herself. She is always trying to see how far she can push your buttons. She is a fighter and I love that about her.

This picture melts my heart. Ashton was explaining to Lexi that they were going to catch a frog. Lex didn't get it. What can I say she isn't a boy.

And all we did was capture a picture of a giant frog and I mean GIANT frog. But we still had fun doing it.

These are the things I hope my kids remember. Hanging out at the park, trying to catch frogs or tadpoles. I hope they remember that I treasured these moments. I love watching my kids have fun, I love the smiles on their faces when they try something new or the curiosity in their eyes. I love the questions they have about something or why the frog got away so fast. I love watching them grow and learn. I simply LOVE BEING A MOM of these KIDDOS!!!


Thiago & Teri said...

oh my goodness..these pictures are beautiful. You are really getting to be quite the photographer. Love your blog...

Eric and Jenny said...

Such great pictures friend, they are so beautiful. You really captured the goodness in an ordinary day.

Great post.....I loved it so much.