Sunday, October 23, 2011


We jam packed EVERYTHING in to one weekend and I am just realizing we did that. The boys insisted on carving pumpkins yesterday, I've never let them do it. I hate the mess it makes and the pumpkins don't last long after that, but since we got our pumpkins late this year, I said "OKAY!!!"

The boys hard at work. I bought the kits and they went to town, I left it all up to them minus opening their pumpkins up. Jax decided he just wanted to do his own thing and then Ash did too. But Ashton was just cutting and not really making anything.

Jaxon finally asked his Grandma for help, after all he is a Grandma's Boy!

But Ashton took some convincing, he is very independent and wanted NO ONE to help him. But I finally begged him to let Grandma help him and well....

she made it perfect for Ashton. I love his pumpkin, its him!!!!

And Lex wasn't allowed to help, I know I am a mean Mom, but she would have been a disaster, she sat with Grandpa and talked the entire time.


Steve and Yvonne said...

Cute! I love carving pumpkins! That was nice of you to let your kids, even though you don't like the mess, I'm sure it meant a lot to them and they will love seeing them all lit up on the porch!

Eric and Jenny said...

I am just loving these fall posts, such gorgeous pictures miss!

You are getting quite good with your new camera, I loved the raking leaves pictures and black island farm. Hasn't the last few weeks been splendid. I was just telling Eric it feels like we truly did get a fall this year. It's been so perfect I hate to see it go!