Sunday, October 2, 2011


I'm actually excited for the weather to cool, yes, I said it!!! BUT I AM NOT READY FOR SNOW. I love this time of year, I feel like I see my kids more and we have more family talks. Instead of everyone running to friends houses or being outside scattered everywhere. I love sitting on the couch with a blanket and watching lifetime movies. I love the smell of fall, the look of fall and I love that right after fall follow some fun Holidays....Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

So I'm ready for fall, are you?

Yesterday we went back up to Snow Basin, I love it there. The crisp fall air is amazing!! I love the leaves, I love the flowers, I love it!!!

We took my parents with us and took the same trail only we went a little further since it wasn't muddy.

The view was amazing.

We seen lots of beautiful flowers again along with this bee, I was scared to death to take this. I am allergic to bees.

I'm hoping we can make it up one more time and do some fall pictures. We'll see, it gets muddy fast when it gets cold.

Happy Fall!!!

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