Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Let me start out by telling everyone why we open presents on Christmas Eve. Bob and I have done this since we got married 7 years ago. We found it overwhelming to enjoy our presents at home and go to all the houses we have too and enjoy it all! So we split it up, Christmas Eve we open gifts at our house and Christmas day is spent at my parents, there is no rush with anything and it works perfect.

Our Tree, I am still really proud of this tree.

I have decided I hate legos, I get the pleasure of spending 2 hours putting them together.

This is actually Jaxon's shirt, but Ash opened it and was excited, makes me laugh!

She had no clue what to do. She didn't even want to try and figure it out. But she loved the toys.

He is a pro!!

A tea set by Daddys request he had to have one.

He loves this part of opening them all.

A new shirt!!

Just open it Mommy!!!

Just what she wanted, I swear she asked for them....LOL!!! She is obsessed with shoes big time.

Lexi's collection...she got, dress up shoes, Pajamas, a mat (for her kitchen that Santa is brining), a new dress, a shirt, a tea set and a collection of bowls, pots and plates for the Santa gift also.

Jaxon's collection....he got a lego set, Pajamas, a construction building set, Bankogun's, 3 new shirts and a learning book. Oh and Super Mario Brothers DS. Funny story..He has been begging and pleading for this and well I wasn't sure I wanted to get it for him because he gets so frustrated with the wii one. But I got it for him and hid it on his dresser and he was shocked.

Ashton's collection...he got walkie talkies, 3 new shirts, Pajamas, a Lego set, a football and Bankogun's also. The Walkie Talkies have been the best hit, he loves them.

The boys went to a farm today (I will post on that later) and Ash wanted a pic before he left in front the tree.

She is a diva, she is a total girl!!!

Ash and Lex being funny!

And our Santa cookies...baking away and oh so YUMMY!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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