Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The last NINE years

Its hard to believe that in two days I'll have a NINE year old.  Where has time gone?  I remember spending all NINE of the months I carried him sicker than sick.  I spent many days at the hospital with an IV in my arm due to being dehydrated.  I didn't gain any weight with him and my pregnancy was spent in bed.

Jaxon was the star baby, easiest, most content baby I've ever taken care of and I've taken care of many.  My Mom did daycare for many years.  Jaxon slept through the night at two weeks old, was never sick and was ALWAYS happy.

Jaxon has always been "Grandma's BOY!"  My parents had all girls and Jax was the first boy to the fam.  He was and surely IS loved.  My Mom could calm him at anytime.  Jaxon looks up to Grandma and loves his Grandma dearly. 

Jaxon has changed my life forever.  I love him and all my kids more than words could ever speak.  I can't believe the child who made me a mother is now NINE.  Its hard to comprehend, as the years go on, it gets harder and harder to believe that this is all real.  Nine years of being a Mom, nine years of learning things that I never thought I'd learn and nine years of loving someone more than I ever thought I could.


Please don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't do anything.  Keep shooting for your goals in life and become the best you can be.  I love you to the MOON AND BACK!!

Love Mommy!!

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