Thursday, May 9, 2013

Lexi is turning FOUR

Favorite Food:  Cheese (Yup, this is all she'll eat, pickiest eater ever)

Favorite color:  Pink and Purple and yellow and blue

Favorite thing to do:  clean my room (I beg to differ)

Favorite Show:  DORA  (Dear God, Please help me!)
Favorite Person:  Gio (This kid at school)

Favorite drink:  Apple Juice

Favorite Snack:  Pretzels

Favorie Movie:  Bubble Guppies

Favorite toy: The girl toy (no clue)

Favorite fruit:  Bananas

Favorite outfit:  my dress (she is a girly girl)

Favorite place to eat:  McDonalds (we hardly go there)

Favorite Animal:  Horses

Best Friend:  Gio (its going to be a tear jerker when she never sees Gio again)

Favorite Cereal:  Cherrios

Favorite Song: Chillin on a dirt road (she sings it constantly)

What I want to be when I grow up:  A princess  (only if the crown fits...LOL)

Size Clothes: 5T or 4 in little girls

Shoe size: 9, but buying 10's

Other things:

*She is by far the pickiest person I know.  If she doesn't like the way something looks, she isn't eating it.

*She is obsessed with shoes and socks, she wants to wear socks with all her shoes.

*She is very sneaky, her Dad is very helpful with her being sneaky.

*She has her Dad fooled

*She hates getting her hair comb or done, its a constant battle

*She is very outspoken

*She is NOT shy at all

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