Thursday, May 9, 2013

The last FOUR years

Sitting on the couch staring at this little girl, that is no longer so little, no longer a baby, she is beautiful, bright, intelligent, spunky, stubborn and the best thing right along with my other two that has ever happened to me.  She test my patience to the max on a daily basis, but she wouldn't be LEXI.

Most of the time I have to remind myself that she is ONLY three (almost FOUR) and that I'm not talking to a grown adult.  This girl is very very smart. 

Her big brown eyes can light up a room and she has the personality that could move mountains.  She is so full of life, never missing a beat.  She has an imagination that is out of this world and is always talking about things that she wants to happen.  She believes that when she grows up she is going to be a princess, but in her Dad and mine's eyes, she has been since day ONE. 

How can something so small and tiny grow up so fast in just 4 short years.  Doctors said she'd be behind her entire life, boy has she proven them WRONG.

Lexi came into our lives at a time when we needed her.  Bob recovered from being sick with the help of Lexi.  Many days and nights were spent cuddling this little girl and they have a bond that is unbelievable.

I can't seem to remember life before Lexi, it seems like she has always been here.  She just fits.

Happy 4th Birthday my sweet princess, never change with your fun personality.  Reach for the stars!!

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