Thursday, May 23, 2013


A lot going on in the Clemments house.

My cousin moved here last Saturday to be our Nanny for Lexi.  Lexi's Preschool is closing at the end of June and we didn't know what to do.  My Cousin was wanting to get out and do something and I offered her the job.  Things have been going good, but its a huge adjustment.  Lex has been testing her this week to see what she can get away with. 

The boys only have 8 days of school left after tomorrow.  I'm nervous for school to be out, I'm sending them to Utah for two LONG months of the summer.  It'll be good for them and I know my Mom needs them there.  But I'm struggling with NOT seeing them for that long.  I know they'll be in good hands, no doubt. 

We are still trying to adjust to this new life.  Most days are happy, but there are many days when I feel like I don't belong here.

Things are different in Texas....good and bad.


*No mountains and I can't get over that.  I look for them daily and miss the Wasatch Front so much.

*There are soooooo many people in this DFW area, its insane

*The weather is crazy, storms are crazy, humidity is crazy and it gets crazy hot.


*There is so much opportunity job wise here.

*The schools here are amazing, my kids have learned so much in the short 6 months of being here.

*We are seeing new things, things we may never have gotten to see or show our kids and there are many things to see and show our kids here.

*The ocean is only 6 hours away at the most.

*No snow

We've come a long ways and I'm happy about where we are today.  Bob struggled really bad at first along with the kids.  The kids have adjusted well, Lex still has her days.  We are making it and if it doesn't work out, we'll head back home.

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