Friday, May 17, 2013

Our first Tornado experience

Yes, we were here when the tornado hit down in Arlington last year and Bob and I drove RIGHT by it.   But we didn't know a thing and had no time to even think about it.

So this was our first tornado experience.  We got home and I always watch the 5pm news, because very rarely do I make it to the 9pm news.  They had been talking about storms and we had bad weather off and on all day. 

The first severe storm alert came around 5:45pm, I didn't think much of it, I had seen them several times.  About 6:15 a tornado watch alert came through.

Bob and I watched the weather off and on for a good hour.  I called my Mom and told her what was going on.  The one thing I promised myself is that I wouldn't hide anything from my Mom and sometimes hearing you Mom talk can calm any nerves you may have and it did just that.

I then talked to the kids, it looked like the eye of the storm was headed our way, but I wasn't 100% sure.  I was glued to the TV with my kids surrounding me for a long time. 
The sky was so crazy, the clouds were just turning and you could watch them.  They were moving extremely fast.

Around 8:30pm, I headed to my room and made my kids come with me.  I could never live with myself if something bad happened to them.  And just knowing they were right there made feel better, even if nothing was going to happen.
Around 8:35pm the first sirens went off, but it didn't last long.  The kids immediately freaked.  Jaxon had been sick this day and his nerves were so bad that he was puking up bile because he hadn't ate or drank anything all day.  I told him the best thing to do is go to sleep, that I am his Mom and I would make sure he was safe, that is my job.  He was worried, but I calmed his fears and by 9pm, they were all asleep.
I dozed off for maybe an hour, it was around 12:15am now and I hear a big boom and shoot out of my bed, next thing I know sirens are going off again.  My windows were rattling and I was a wreck.  I quickly said a prayer, asking God to keep me calm and get me through this.  Immediately I felt calmer.  I awoke Bob who was sleeping comfortably and told him that I was worried.  He listed for a second and fell back to sleep.  I listened to the storm for a good hour and finally it was gone.  I tried to fall asleep, but my nerves were all worked up.  At 3am, I finally fell asleep and awoke to what felt like a dream.  A bad dream!

In the first picture there is a red box looking thing by Fort Worth, the worst of the tornados hit Granbury, which isn't far from us at all.  The storm that looked like it was headed for us took a turn and went toward Arlington.  A total of 16 confirmed tornados touched down and 6 people lost their lives.  The next day the sky was purple, it was the craziest thing and I couldn't believe how crazy the night before was.
We are definitely in Texas now and I somewhat know what to expect.  Texas is huge, a storm may look like its NOT headed for you, but could very well end up where you are or the opposite.
Prayers to the people affected by these horrible tornados and the families who lost loved ones.

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