Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cousin's Birthday Party

Last Saturday we went up to Keller to celebrate my Cousin's Son's Birthday.  He turned 12 and we went bowling.  Its nice to have kids here that are near my kids age. 

Jax was pretty into bowling and I hardly got any pictures of him since he was down in the mixture of kids.

Lex begged and pleaded for a gumball, I didn't want her eating the whole thing, so I broke it in half.

This is Hudson, my cousin's cute son, he is 4 and Lex is taller than him. 

Eating cupcakes and making a mess.
My Cousin had a scratch off and Ashton insisted on scratching it off.  He was determined to win the big bucks, but didn't.
So much fun, so glad we have family here and we can make new memories with them.

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