Monday, February 11, 2013

February Instagram update

Just another day of doing this Diva's hair, now that she goes to preschool/daycare everyday, we have to do her hair every morning and its not always fun.

We went to my cousins house Saturday night and the boys crashed on the way home and this is how we found them when got home.

We went bowling for my Cousin's Sons birthday on Saturday.

Drive home from dinner on Friday.

Ashton was cold and Lex shared her blanket

Just my babies

Ashton snuggling with Great Grandpa, these moments I'll cherish forever.

Grandma and Grandpa sent Valentine's cards from Utah.  I cried, because I can imagine my Mom misses her grandbabies so much and the pain never goes away.

Jax with his headphones asleep one night

Dyed my hair jet black

Lex being Lex

Texas storm rolling in, these storms are crazy here.

Lex and I went shopping alllllllllll day last Friday, it was much needed.  Retail therapy is the BEST.
And that's that!!

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