Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Missing my normal

So many times during my preparation of moving I wondered how this would all work out.  I wondered how I would find a new normal, how everything would work out, how bad would I miss my family and how my kids would adjust.

Well this isn't easy.  Its hard, its indescribable and at times I've wanted to pack everything up and move back home.  I miss my normal, I miss my everyday routine, I miss knowing where everything was, who everyone was surrounding me, where I was going and who my kids were around.  I miss it all.  I miss my Mom, my Dad, my Sister, my Best Friend, my works friends and everyday Utah life. 

Its sad, I never thought I'd miss Utah.  I wanted out of there so bad, but now I want back all the things Utah has.  I want my weekday talks with my bestest work friend Cara, I miss my Friday lunch dates with my best friend Misty and sweet little Tess, I miss my Saturday dates with my Sister shopping all day until we couldn't shop anymore, I miss my kids having their Aunt RIGHT THERE, I miss talking about nail polish and finding new colors even though we know we need no more, I miss seeing my Mom, knowing she is okay with my own eyes, I miss having talks with my Dad and laughing over something the boys did.  I just miss it.  The missing will never go away, I know this.  Its my choice to be happy and look to the future, but its so hard when everything I want in my future and kids memories are 1400 miles away. 

Texas is not Utah.  There are 5 thousands freeways here, compared to 1 that took us home and to everywhere else I needed to go.  Target is NOT SUPER TARGET and there is a big difference.  Old Navy in Texas doesn't feel like Old Navy in Utah.  Humidity can be felt here even if its only 5%.  Bugs are HUGE and I mean HUGE here.  They have flying ANTS, no joke.  There are more hawks here than birds.  I haven't seen a single seagle since I've been here.  You can see the horizon come up and when the sunsets you can still see the line for awhile after, its beautiful, but its not my Utah Mountains.  There are turtles in canals here, I never seen a turtle in Utah except at the zoo.  When it rains here, its a complete down pour and the streets look like its been raining for days.  Texas doesn't believe in left hand turns unless at a light.  If you want to go somewhere on the left side of the road, you have to make a U turn and then turn right.  The schools here, well they're HUGE.  The high schools look like colleges and the elementary looks like a high school.  Construction is EVERYWHERE, you can't avoid it, no matter how hard you try.  There are lakes here, but people have homes all around them, so you can't go to the beach.  There is a Starbucks on every corner, kind of like an LDS church in Utah.  There are no such things as short cuts.  If you think your taking a short cut, you aren't and you add 20 mins to your drive. 

So many adjustments to be made.  But then there are so many things to do.  I'm excited to discover new things, just wish I had a few more people here to share in the adventure.  Until the, I'll post all the pictures I want on Facebook and try to convince them to move...LOL

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