Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ashton Update

This boy, well he has taken this whole move he hardest.  This boy is so different from Jax, he is sensitive, he loves his family DEARLY and he doesn't like to go long without seeing them.  Ashton cries at least once a week that he wants to see his Grandma, Aunt Miranda or Nanny.  Its hard on him and because its hard on him, I've struggled with it also.  Ashton has had to grow up a lot in the past month. 

School has been going okay for him.  We had to make a hard decision to hold him back and make him do another year of first grade.  I'm heartbroken about it, but I know it'll be good for him.  He is very intelligent, but unfortunately reading hasn't come easy for him and we're going to work hard and long on getting him to where he needs to be and then another year of first grade will put him where I think he needs to be to move on.  This was also hard to tell him, he takes pride in everything he does and when I told him he wouldn't be going to second grade next year, he lost it.  Then I explained to him why he was doing another year of first grade and he seems better.  The schools here are far more advanced than Utah, their curriculum is completely different.   I haven't decided if I like it or not.

I have a lot of faith that Ashton will be fine here.  He loves going to church every Sunday and loves learning about Jesus.  The weather seems to be doing okay with his allergies and asthma, but we haven't hit a true spring (even though it warm here) yet.

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