Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Faces of CHD

As everyone knows my Husband has CHD (Congenital Heart Defect) known as Tetrology of Fallot.  Well Pinterest is doing a thing where they have everyone's stories and I sent Bob and Lexi's to the girl.  So if your on Pinterest or just want to read the story...Here is the link.  You'll have to excuse my typos, it was day....oh wait I lost track of no sleep. 

Anyways.  Next week is CHD awareness week.  I have decided to do some posts about Bob.  Its been awhile and after all, his heart defect is never going away, its with us forever and its not something that I can not face anymore.  Sometimes I find myself wanting to forget about it, because it was such a bad time in my life, but then I look back and because of all of that, I am a stronger person TODAY.

So stayed tuned, its February 7th-12th and feel free to wear RED.  I myself cannot believe how many people are affected by heart disease.  I give props to all the heart Moms who have to watch their child go through the countless numbers of tests and surgeries.  Luckily, my Daughter is just watched my cardiology and they don't think anything will ever change, but you just never know.

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Thiago & Teri said...

Great reminder for us all to stop and think about. Still can't believe all that Bob went through, and little Lex (although hers worked itself out, still scary).

Sometimes I look at Carson and find myself thinking how the heck does this kid of mine have a heart problem, I hate it. So glad that his is so minor though, I can't imagine those parents who have to watch their children have surgery after surgery. Breaks my heart