Monday, February 13, 2012

Pre Valentine's

Whew!!!  Life needs to slow down.  I realized yesterday I hadn't take pictures of random things or my kids in a LONG time, like 3 weeks long time.  UGH, I know!

Bob finished his first class, so we have a week break and I'm not sure what we'll do with ourselves.  I know that things can be normal for a week, but then the next 6 weeks will be crazy times TWO.  Because Bob will now have two classes and EVERYDAY.  I REALLY need summer badly.

But anyways.  Valentine's Day, are you ready?  I am, its not a huge holiday for me.  But having kids in school is a little chaotic.  Ashton needed a box made at home.  Luckily Jax did his at school.

So where did I go to figure out what to do?  Well....PINTEREST...DUH!!!

I think he is pretty cute.  He is a tissue box monster, super easy to make.

And this cute guy loved it.

Then all the treats to get ready for the day...

The boys chose Life Savers for the class treats and then these hearts filled with candy for their teachers.  Both my boys have amazing teachers this year.  We feel pretty blessed.

I picked up these cute hearts filled with chocolates for my cute monkeys.

I've decided to be a bit spontaneous, it was in one of my dove chocolates I ate....LOL kidding!!!  I've actually decided I need to start baking and TRY...KEYWORD:  TRY to make things for my kids twice a week.  So I started today, thanks to PINTEREST again and made these cute things.

And wellllll.....they are AMAZING.  Ashton said "Mom, you should bake everyday!"  Oh Ashton, I'm afraid the house wouldn't be standing if I did.  Jax said "Mom, don't think you can't cook, you can!"  Oh if only he knew that all I had to do was put some kisses on top of a prezel and stick them in the oven for 5 mins, if only.

And to end with my crafts for Valentine's day that I don't believe I posted, if I did, please excuse me, I'm losing my mind.

Hope you have a wonderful day full of LOVE tomorrow.  I'm a bit nervous, my Husband has actually bought something for me (nothing is a secret) this year.  Stay tuned....


Eric and Jenny said...

You cute little domestic mommy! How great is that box you made. I was just telling Eric how glad I am neither of the boys had to make a box this year. I hate that job, right up there with homework if you ask me!

HOpe your Valentines is wonderful cute girl!

Thiago & Teri said... are so funny. I am sure you are a great cook/baker. One time I made homemade pudding for Carson instead of the packaged kind and he said to me "mom, how the heck did you know how to do this, I am soooo proud of you". Honestly, these kids are so funny. Happy Valentines to you guys!!!