Saturday, February 4, 2012


This little girl is finally better.  No more owies in her tummy and she is what we think....cleaned out!!!  It only took 3 days of magnesium citrate, exlax, miralax and an enema, then on day four, she finally went.  Woo hoo!!  Its amazing how much we were praying for poop.  But she is good and I feel relieved.  I've had 3 nights of sleep.

I did two photoshoots today and had to take all 3 monkeys with me.  Bob had school at noon and well I scheduled pics for them. I shot them up at the train station in Brigham, I have never been there, but totally loved it.

Photoshoot #1, my Sister Miranda, she wanted a Valentine's shoot and I think they turned out amazing.

The second photoshoot was an older couple who was so cute.  It was tons of fun shooting them, they are so in love with each other.

Lexi wanted her pics taken, but Ash wanted in too and then Lexi was mad, what can I say, she is a girl and very BOSSY!!!  So that went downhill.  Its all good though, I'm doing my kids photoshoot next weekend for Valentine's Day.

I forgot my camera for Jax B-ball game today, but I'm so proud of how good he did, he has come a long ways. 

We are having a good weekend and hope you are too....

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