Saturday, February 18, 2012

Our first trip of the year....

To our favorite place....ANTELOPE ISLAND

We love it here and so do our kids.  The weather was perfect today, we on a hike and climb around rocks.

It was perfect light coat weather and there was a very light breeze.  Nothing big at all.

My kids pose for a million pictures.  "Mom, take my picture here!!"

We took Daisy with us and she loved every single bit of it.

We ran into this little fellow hiding in the sage brush and then jumped onto this rock to pose for a picture...LOL

We really have tons of fun, it takes about an hour to do our hike that we do and its tons of rocks.  Lex made it far with us.  Normally someone has to stay back with her.

Then we drive to this dirt road and out of Antelope Island, its so much fun, we all laugh and bring back old memories. 

I think we'll go back next weekend if its nice.

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