Saturday, February 25, 2012


I'm ready for flip flop and shorts weather, I'm ready to only have to worry about what swimsuit all my kids will wear on the weekends, I'm ready for barbecuing and the smell of campfire, I'm ready for a sunburn and tan skin.

I'M ready for SUMMER...


I would be happy with SPRING.

Today is Jaxon's last basketball game and he is sad, but I'm kind of excited.  I'm ready to have my Wednesdays back and not get home late.  But I am sad that games are over, I have enjoyed every single minute of his games.

He will definately play again next year.

I've been doing crafts AGAIN...

This one and the above SPRING letters, plus some Easter stuff.

And this little girl has really shown me what the terrible twos are all about, I hope three treats us better...LOL

Hope you're having a great weekend.

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Eric and Jenny said...

I am already scared for the terrible twos with Katelynn. She is a handful already at not even two yet. Tell me is it a little girl thing, cause my boys were never as crazy as she is!

I can't wait for spring too and winter lasts so long in Utah!