Sunday, February 6, 2011

Life at the Clemments house...

We haven't had anything too exciting going on. I glad that January is over, I honestly had the January blues. And hoping that February brings some excitement that doesn't involve trucks or anything car related.

My Boys are growing up so fast. Jaxon informed me the other day that he has a girlfriend, doesn't know her name, but she is in 6th grade. I liked when he didn't like girls at all. Just kidding! But it was hilarious!

Ashton keeps me busy, he is so different from my other two. He is always busy and he has an imagination from who knows where. Apparently we have a alligator living in our shed, he has a crocodile in his closet and the Devil will eat you if your bad. Really!! He is funny!

I was going crazy one day this past week when baby girl was sick and I needed something to do. So I did these. I really like a lot. Now I just need to get Jax moved to his own room downstairs and get them all situated and I will be happy.

Hopefully I will have some exciting stuff coming up....stay tuned!!

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Eric and Jenny said...

Those sure are some great pictures of the boys, handsome little fellas....

Cute project, I am getting antsy with the cold weather too, ready for warmth! It's frusterating to think it's only February I would prefer April or May.