Friday, February 11, 2011

Ending the week with FUN...

I wanted to do something for the kids for Valentine's Day. I didn't want to get them a stuffed animal or give them candy. They picked dinner and Boondocks. So we ate at Texas Roadhouse and never again will I take kids. Jax does not like eating at a restaurant and thought it was dumb and I paid a lot for the little food they ate. But all our fun was wiped out at Boondocks. We had a blast. The boys did the go karts twice, lasertag and we played lots of games. We had 2,637 tickets and they spent them on toys that I am sure will be broke in no time, but hey, I don't care as long as they had the time of their life. Lex of course wasn't able to do much, but she had fun flirting with everyone and being her cute self. And she rode the horses twice.


Eric and Jenny said...

That's a pretty good idea, I hate buying dumb gifts for Valentines too, my kids would love something like that.

Funny Jax doesn't like eating out. Eric has four brothers and his mom always tells me she begged them for years to go out to a restraunt and they all thought it was torture. I loved it as a kid, so it must be one of those boy things! Happy Weekend friend, have a good one.

The Felds said...

That looks like a lot of fun! I love Boondocks! I always have a blast when I go. How in the world did you guys win so many tickets?! That's my favorite thing, playing the arcades!

P.s. I love the picture of Lex on the sidewalk outside, it's SO cute!!!