Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jaxon's New room

Sorry, it doesn't look very cute right now. Only because I am the process of finding stuff for his room and I have a friend that is going to do Vinyl for me. So once I find a bed spread I like, paint that I am good with and all the fun stuff, I will have more pictures.

Jax has tons of space now though and I like it because all their clothes fit in their closets. Yes, my kids have enough clothes, well except Lex, she needs a new wardrobe for Spring/Summer. So more pictures to come.


Eric and Jenny said...

Jaxon's room looks great! A closet with enough space, that must be so nice. I hate having to store off season clothes for my kids in storage because it won't all fit in their closet. Well Katelynn's is fine, but where the boys share I can't fit it all in.

Make sure and show pictures of the finishing touches!

The Felds said...

Tweetheart Vinyl is your friend? I saw them at the park in their booth on the 4th of July - they are saved to my favorites but haven't ever ordered anything from them! Can't wait to see!

Clemments Family said...

Yes, Yvonne, she is one of my bestest friends. She does amazing work.