Monday, February 7, 2011


My post is coming from what I learned today....just by teaching at a low income school. My heart aches and I plan to teach my kids to be happy with what they have.

I went to Northridge High School, the school was the newest in Davis County and at the time I think I took things for granted. We had amazing teachers at our school, an administration that cared about the way we looked and acted. I remember getting mad because the Vice Prinicipal complained that my shorts were too short, but me being a 17 year old didn't think so. I learned a lot at Northridge, although sometimes I failed to listen to my teachers. When your 17 you really can't think about tomorrow or 5 years from then. All that matters is BOYS or in boys case GIRLS. But now looking back, I wish I would've paid more attention in Math, I wish I wouldn't have given my teachers a hard time about stupid things or atleast not talked to my friend or wrote notes in class when I should've been learning. Its amazing what you learn when your an adult.

So today as I stepped into this High School (and I am chosing not to name as I don't want to offend anyone) I cringed. The lockers were half the size of ours, it stunk like B.O., the ceilings were torn apart, the blinds were so old and yellow and broken, the desks were so old that you couldn't even tell what color they were and what suprised me the most was that it was 2 minutes before class and there was NO ONE in the halls...NO ONE. Meanwhile, this school does start 45 minutes later than Northridge or any other school in Davis County. We walked into this classroom of 27 to 5 kids, thats it 5 kids. I was shocked! I remember in High School not being able to find a seat in a couple of classes. Then me and the other girls complained about how HOT the classroom was and one kid said "its nice not to be cold!" This totally hit me and I don't know what his story is, but I can't imagine not being able to heat my house or provide a jacket for my kid or whatever to keep them warm. HEARTBREAKING!! So as the hour and a half class went on kids trickled in every 5 mins or so leading up to the last person showing up 5 mins before class was over. I felt bad for the teacher who stated that somedays only a couple of kids showed up to his class. Leaving the classroom I felt overwhelmed, I looked at the other two and said "did that really just happen?" You hear about it all too often, but really when you are faced with it, reality slaps you right in the face. I think in a way I needed this. I always complain that its too cold or too hot, its never just right! Well that is not gonna happen anymore. I am going to be greatful for what I have and be thankful that I have it. And I am going to teach my kids the same, it could be worse...right?

Which brings me to my next thing about learning...I love watching my kids learn. I love how much Jaxon has learned this year from his amazing teacher. She is such a good teacher and I wish we could keep her for ever.

Jax has been struggling with subtraction or "take away" as they call it. He still has adding in his brain and to switch a 6 years old brain to the opposite is kind of scary. So I broke out the pasta, I remember learning with beans and I thought why not teach Jax how to learn that way. He loved it. So here he is doing his take away!

And last but not least, do your kids ever leave you with a suprise and in permanent marker? Thanks Ashton, good thing we had plans for a new desk in the near future.


Sunset Stanley said...

Great post! I totally took school for granted and I'll never get those years back! Now as an adult, I'm worried about the school system and only want the best for Bella.

Oh and I love how Jax is using pasta to help with his subtraction. Sometimes it really helps to have a visual and it's awesome that you remembered that when you were learning. What an awesome mom!

Eric and Jenny said...

So wait are you teaching at a high school?

Great post friend. Lance has a great teacher this year, but the school he goes to is not my top choice. I worry especially as he gets older, friends can make or break you as a kid. It is so hard worrying isn't it, especially over things you can not control.

Mrs. Egg said...

I read somewhere that Colgate Plain White Toothpaste will make permanent marker go away. They used it and it was all but gone.

The idea of redoing high school scares me. All that drama. But relearning would be nice.