Monday, June 18, 2012

Life Lately

Life is a little crazy lately, lots of stuff going on, little time to keep up with blogging and schedules are crazy.

So here are a few updates:

Bob bought a truck, we have been looking for a truck for 3 months now and this baby came home with us on Friday.  She is NOT gorgeous at all, but we weren't looking for a brand new truck.  Its a 1991 Ford F250 and Bob is THRILLED to say the least.  As we speak, he is outside staring at her.  Something about guys and a TRUCK.

Boys got birthday money, I told them they couldn't waste it on stupid toys, I'm so sick of seeing toys in their rooms that they don't play with.  So they put their money together and we bought a pool, we did this two weeks ago, Bob set up the pool and it had a hole in it.  I got online (I should've done that first) and the ratings were horrible, so we returned the first one and called it good, while I researched which one to get.  So yesterday we purchased the pool and filled it up and played for hours.  It is definately worth the money that Bob and I pitched in to help them make the purchase.  We will spend lots and lots of hours in this thing.

Next, I'm sending this big guy off to Texas for a month.  My Grandpa called me yesterday and asked if Jax could come down for a month.  I thought hard about it and told them yes.  It was crazy, I had to cancel pictures, dentist appts and other things, but the time and memories will be well worth it.  Jax will be leaving next Wednesday the 27th and will not return until July 31st.  I know I am going to miss him like crazy, but he will be SPOILED ROTTEN and I can't wait to hear all about it.

Our lives are a little crazy, Bob's in school full time and we leave work, I drop him off, get the kids, wait 3 hrs, pick him up and come back home.  This means I have to prepare and cook the dinner (which if you know me, I DO NOT COOK).  Its been a very interesting month so far.  But we have survived, hopefully next month, he doesn't have this crazy schedule, I honestly miss family dinners and his cooking.

So thats our life in a nutshell.  I promise I'll have real pictures soon.

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