Monday, June 11, 2012

The last SIX years

Ashton has waited FOREVER he says to turn SIX.  Why does SIX all the sudden seem so old.  When Lex is six, Jax will be going to Junior High, how creepy that is to even think that.

Here is Ashton the last six years, I love looking back, its my favorite thing to do:

Ashton by far was my hardest baby, he had acid reflux bad and I think we spent more time trying to figure out how to keep milk down him than anything, we finally ended up on the most expensive formula that is $40.00 for a small can, not the big can.  It ended up working and he grew out of the reflux, but boy was it a hard time.

He spent the first night in the NICU because he had fluid in his lungs.  He always wanted to be held and snuggled, which I loved.

It seems like he grew up extremely fast though.  Its hard for me to remember him being so small (well not really that small) and a baby.

I love his pure blond curly hair and to this day I still MISS it.  I never wanted to cut his hair and when I did, I regretted it.

Ashton is a free spirit, always on the go and never stops for one minute.  He enjoys life way too much!!

We always say we know where Ashton sits at the dinner table or where he has been, because he ALWAYS makes a mess of anything and everything.

Ashton still has the same personality, he likes to test your patience and has to learn everything the hard way.

This has been a huge year for Ashton, starting school, losing teeth and now moving on to school all day.  I can't believe how much more grown up he is, than just 6 months ago.

And thats my Ash, the last SIX years.  Now STOP growing up!!

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