Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dear Ashton,

I remember it just like it was yesterday holding you in the NICU transfer area where they wait to see if they're going to transfer you to the NICU or the floor and seeing those beautiful eyes look at me for the first time.  You instantly melted my heart and made all my worries of loving another child as much as my first go away.

I remember how you hated to sleep in the dark and I would be awake all night rocking you, I think now I took those nights for granted, I miss them so badly. 

I remember your first smile and giggle and how you lit up when I walked in the room.

I remember holding you screaming in the ER while the doctors were putting an IV in you because you were dehydrated and lethargic due to throwing up all day.

I remember the first time you talked and how you haven't stopped since then.

I remember the first time you road your bike with no training wheels and how excited you were, no one was going to stop you.

I remember when you potty trained yourself and how it just happened over night, seems like it was yesterday also.

I remember the nights when you have bad dreams and how you come running to me and just want to be held and how sweet it feels that you need me.

I love that you are deteremined to never give up, that you are stubborn and have to learn the hard way.  You are like your Grandma in so many ways, yet I see myself in you more and more.  You love your family, they mean a lot to you, but you speak your opinion freely.

I love that you got so excited over losing a tooth that you have had a permanent smile on your face for the last 4 days. 

Oh what I wouldn't do for you my boy, I would walk on water over and over again.  Out of all the three, you scare me the most, I think its because you are not afraid to do anything.  I worry about who you talk to, who your friends are, what you will surround yourself with and what you might get caught up in. 

So please my boy, promise Mommy that you'll remember the things I've taught you and told you.  That'll you remember what I want for you in life and that is the BEST. 

Reach for the stars Ash, I know you'll do great things.

Happy 6th Birthday my baby boy!

I love you to the MOON and back over and over and over again,

Love always,


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Thiago & Teri said...

That was too sweet friend. He reminds me so much of Lincoln, I feel the exact same way about him. Love him more than anything but that fire for life could get them into a little bit of trouble. He sure is one cute kid, hope you all had a great day celebrating his birthday!!

PS...now you can breathe huh, must be kinda hard having all their birthdays back to back like that.