Sunday, June 3, 2012

Last Day of School

I can't believe the school year is gone honestly, it feels like it just started and now its over. 

Next year I will have two in school full time and Lex doesn't start for another two after this one.  I got to thinking and Jax will be in 6th grade when Lex starts Kindergarten.  That scares me! 

First up, Jaxon:

He had an amazing teacher this year, she was so good to Jaxon and Jax loved her.  Her name was Mrs. Williams.  Jaxon even said to me "Mom, I wish Mrs Williams could be my 3rd grade teacher!"  She was that good.

Jax is an easy kid to get a long with, but it takes a lot of patience to understand what the kid has been through.  We no longer use this as an excuse because we are trying to help Jax get through his fears.  But the kid lives in fear every single day that something is going to happen with one of his family members and I am not sure how Jax would handle it.  So we are doing the best we can and I feel like Jax teacher really showed him about much she cares about him and he knew that.

So I'm a bit sad to leave Mrs. Williams behind, but I know she had a huge impact and positive one at that on Jaxon and for that I am thankful!

And just like that, its over.  This year they made second grade books and I was happy about that, because I didn't save anything from the school year, I got sick of all the garbage and I just threw stuff away. 

So here is Jax book:

I love to look at what they say and write at school.  The thing that stood out for me in Jax book is the fact that he likes to say "crap!"  I never realized how much he said it until I read that.   I guess there are worse things....right?

Now Ash:

I hesitated on putting Ash in school this year or waiting a year, but people who I've talked to said they regretted it, so I put him in.  He is more a social butterfly and he has his strengths for sure and struggles in other areas.  We will be working on some tutoring this summer. 

Ashton had a good teacher this year, she said Ashton likes to talk, but that wasn't a shocker, I already knew that.  He is curious about everything and wants to know everything.  She said he is creative, I am not shocked by that either.  He is like me in so many ways its kind of scary.  He will definately do something in the artistic field in life.

Here is his Kindergarten book:

I love the Kindergarten book, its fun to see how much they change in the 10 months they're in school.  I pulled Jax Kindergarten book out, just because I wanted to remember his from when he was Ash age.  So fun.

What stands out in Ash book is his drawings, seriously, he loves to draw.  And the fact that he stands 5 inches taller than the first grader on First Grade Day.  I have tall kids, thats no lie.

I'm sad that school is over in a way, because it seems like they grow up to fast, but I am excited for NO HOMEWORK and summer days.  I love when school is out because I can take a day off and spend it with my kids, so thats just what I am doing this coming week, I will get to spend 6 solid days with my 3 monkeys and no worries from work.  I can't wait!!!

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