Saturday, June 9, 2012

Growing up...

Ashton has been wanting to lose a tooth since Jaxon lost his and well it FINALLY happened.

This kid was the most excited I've ever seen a kid over losing a tooth.  He said "The toothfairy is coming to see me!"  Then he got worried "How will the toothfairy know I lost a tooth?"  "How will she get my tooth out from under my pillow?" 

It was quite cute and this morning at 6:30am he ran into our room with his 1.50 to tell us the toothfairy brought him $50.00.  I said "Oh dear, if she brought you that much, I'm going to start pulling teeth!"  He said "Mom, you're too old!"

Oh how happy it makes me to see that my almost 6 year old gets so excited about the small things in life, yet they seem so big to him and thats what I love about my ASH!!!

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