Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pinterest....I've been sucked in...

I didn't think I would get sucked in, but I did. My friend Sunset asked me if I had been on there and I said no, but send me an invite, I'll check it out. 3 hours later and I am still addicted.

Some of my favorites...

Barns, I am OBSESSED with old barns and new ones. I don't know what it is. I have this secret obsession, well that isn't so secret anymore. I am determined to find many more pictures of barns and pin them to my wall.

I am a Mother of boys and I loved these two sayings. My boys are my world, not that my daughter isn't, but my boys and I have a pretty tight bond. I love being the Mom of boys, they keep me going and they truly love their Mommy.

Do you ever have days where you feel like this? Oh, I have many! So I liked this.

I'm still learning this whole thing. I have no clue how to find people, no clue what my name is, no clue how to upload things, but I do know how to pin things and thats a good start.

I will be trying to make a couple of things myself.

I will be making these soon.


Sunset Stanley said...

Ha! Sorry.. I warned you that it's addicting but I love it! Follow this link and checkout my photography board. You'll love the stuff on that one! Such great tips and ideas! I'll follow you once I find ya :)

Eric and Jenny said...

I love Pinterest, it is so addicting. So many great ideas out there. Hey here is my link

Click the follow me button and then I can find you through that and follow you. If that makes sense!