Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve

I just have to take a minute and talk about how blessed I am. Never in a million years did Bob and I think we would be where we are today. With his million dollar surgery and all the medical stuff with Lex and I from 2009, we thought there was no way to recover. I was wrong, with lots of hard work, dedication and prayers, we did it. I was able to provide my Family and kids with the best Christmas ever. I am already planning next year, we are looking into a Disney land trip and leaving the day after Christmas.

Our Christmas Eve was very chill, we didn't do much. I baked cookies, kids played outside and we cleaned up the house a bit.

All the presents under the tree with the anticipation of whats in each one killing the kids.

Opening ONE present and I tried to tell them it wouldn't be a fun one for them, but it was killing them to open it anyway.

And away they went and then Jaxon discovered...


Lexi was quite hilarious and Ashton is ALWAYS happy to have Jammies.

When Lex finally got her box open she said "Oh panties....I mean Jammies...YAAAAAAY!!!!"

After opening jammies we decorated cookies.

Ashton used one whole tube of GREEN on ONE cookie.

And our cookies were done.

I love the tree all lit up. Its my favorite.

All 3 of monkies in their Christmas jammies. Oh and my little Daisy Doo!!!

Then it was time to calm down. My kids wanted to go to bed, but the excitement of Christmas wouldn't let them go asleep. Suprisingly, they were all asleep by 9pm.

And then Santa came. He wasn't too quiet though, putting that dang scooter together was a COMPLETE NIGHTMARE. Plus he(me) kept cutting the wrapping paper too short to cover the gifts. So after many bad words and taking apart and putting back together, all was good.

And then it was off to bed, where I couldn't sleep either, because I was excited for them.

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