Saturday, December 17, 2011

Last minute Christmas stuff

First I had to add these pictures. This girl has every color boots you can think of. She is pretty obsessed (and so is Mommy...shhhhh!!!!).

Life has been so busy. I am ready for some time off work, but that won't happen soon enough. I work 4 days the upcoming week and I am off for five days. It just goes by way too fast though.

I feel like I am ALWAYS on the go. I have spent this weekend getting last minute Christmas shopping done and I still have two more to buy for. I swear it never ends. I will honestly be glad when its all over. I have never stressed over finding the perfect gifts, but this year everything I planned.....fell through!

And then my next pet peeve is finding stocking stuffers. I don't want candy for stockings and I don't want cheap breakable toys, I want something that will last. So far I have......tootsie rolls and M&M's, I know I said no candy, but I am okay with a little. But what else can I get? I was thinking flash lights, my boys are obsessed with them and a gift card to a store. What kid doesn't love spending money?

And then the highlight of my weekend....Jax has his basketball draft today. I am super excited and will have pictures tomorrow. Its like Christmas for me already, watching my oldest child play sports. He is dying to play already. We will see how this goes.

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