Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Village

Its tradition. We bundle up and go out in the freezing cold to Christmas Village in Ogden. I don't know why, but there is no better Santa then the one at Christmas Village. He isn't fake looking or grouchy and I like that.

Last year, Lexi hated Santa, she wanted nothing to do with the Jolly guy. So I was curious how she would be this year. We stood in line for about 15 mins, once we reached the top, she peeked her head around the door and shouted "Mommy, I see my Santa!" I knew at that moment that she would like him. She couldn't stand the wait. She kept saying "I need to see him!"

Oh I love this picture. She sat on his lap after giving me a great big hug and saying "I love you Santa!!" He asked her what she wanted and she announced loud and clear "A white puppy, you bring him to me?" She wants the $50.00 cookie dog that talks. Don't worry, we have it. Its all taken care of, if I could get the thing to shut up, it would be great, because he might take my secret away.

The boys love Santa without a doubt. I was worried Jax would stop believing, but I tell him everytime he questions...."You stop believing, he stops coming!" Ashton told him he wanted a DS and Jax a Netbook. They are both getting those things. I know they seem like big gifts, but these are the only things my kids are getting this year. I am tired of the chaos with toys that they don't seem to play with forever. So Bob and I decided that we would do a DS for Ash and Netbook for Jax, they are getting bikes to replace their torn up ones and some clothes. I am pretty excited. Lex on the hand is different, she is still a baby in my eyes, so I have to grant her request of the dog even though I think its insane.

I love the magic of Christmas. There is just something about sparkling lights and the laughter in the air.

I can't wait for our next events. Christmas Party with friends in Provo Saturday, Neighbor gifts on Sunday. Woo HOO!!!

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