Saturday, December 3, 2011

It went a little something like this...

Bob and I have talked and talked and talked and talked about getting a camcorder. I really really really really wanted a Canon one to match my camera, but beggers can't be choosers right.

Yesterday Bob and I went Christmas shopping, we had no intentions of getting one just yet, but knew we wanted one before Christmas.


Yup, its not the Canon, but hey its Sony and I am super excited. This baby will be put to very good use, especially with Jaxon starting Basketball in January.

Can you believe its already December, because I can't?

We started these things and oh how it brings back memories of being a kid. I love it.

We hope the Holiday Season brings...

We have quite the list of to do's lined up for this Christmas season, so many posts are to come.


Eric and Jenny said...

I hear Sony is fantastic these days, that is such a fun purchase. Especially so you will have it for the holidays! I need to be better at pulling ours out, I think the last time I used it was last Christmas now that is pathetic!

Thiago & Teri said...

What a fun purchase...i am sure you will put it to good use.

As far as that little Santa with my boys goes...he was up in Tremonton. My dads family lives up there and they have a little nursery that always has that Santa come the first of December. They have like live reindeer, camel, donkey and all that. It is pretty cool.
Unfortunately it is only a one night thing, so he is gone. He is pretty cute though huh, looks like the real thing!